Experience Ærø

Below you will find some of the experiences of Ærø.
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You can also find a guide below, with 20 of the best sights and activities on Ærø,
made by CAMPAYA.dk


Marstal Maritime Museum

You can easily get time to go to the museum. Inside the Maritime Museum you can take a look at the many exciting model ships, you can stand by the helm of a coaster (but beware, you risk getting lost!) You can also explore all the strange


Rise Brewery

Rise Brewery is beautifully situated in the village of Store Rise, in the middle of Ærø in the South Funen archipelago. Rise Brewery was originally established in 1926 in the now historic buildings that were rebuilt as dairy back in 1880. After changing from milk to hops, the beer brewing continued until 1962, when Rise Brewery lost its last beer. Only in 2004 opened the brewery again.


The Old Shipyard

Experience the Old Shipyard and hear about the great ace for forging, tools, shipbuilding technology and large machines for riveting steel ships, bed and damper S / S Svendborgsund. Try our steamship simulator and impress yourself with our 10.5 ton heavy compound machine.


Eriks Hale

In Marstal do not miss Eriks Hale, located a little outside the city; close to the marina and with two kinds of sea:

One to each side. Eriks Hale is a tangerine. On the one hand you can swim in the quiet, lune "Det Lille Hav", which forms a kind of shallow bay between the marina and the beach - and on the other hand you have the fresh Baltic Sea. Here are also the characteristic bathhouses in a rich target.
Eriks Hale also has a very large selection of beach towels approx. 20 different, which just have to be washed and put in the food. You can contact Vesteraas who has a beach safari on phone 61286252.



The Manor House Søbygaard was built by Duke Hans the Yngre around 1580, for what would a duke do without a hunting castle? Although Søbygaard is one of the smallest castles, it is not an exciting story besides. One can find traits of Ærø's tattered story with the many different princes who, from time to time, shared the island between them.

Of course there is also a white lady at Søbygaard

Femmasteren - boder

Road stalls

Everywhere at Ærø everything is produced from various eateries to candles, soap wool and more. Keep an eye on these stalls on your turn around the island